So what's different about Learner Bites?

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  • We Host - We host our platform, not you. This means each school doesn't have to worry about maintaining servers and suffering costly maintanence bills.

  • Mobile & Compatability - We're constantly working on our platform to ensure it is compatible with every browser on every device, meaning users can access it from anywhere.

  • Connect - We allow schools to communicate and collaborate with other schools via Learner Bites. This can improve relationships between local schools and help to build stronger communities.

  • Encryption - Today's web is vulnerable, and we believe in keeping our users safe at all times. All sensitive data is encrypted, meaning if there was to be a data breach, the hacker would not be able to read the data.

  • Cost Efficient - When quoting a school or college, we take many things into context. We aim to give the cheapest possible subscription price for Learner Bites, cheaper than any other platform.

  • We Never Stop - From the second we launch a new feature, we're straight onto developing the next innovative feature to make your school digital and paperless.

  • Websites - Learner Bites can be used to power your school website. You can include events, blog posts, and manage your entire school website, right from your Dashboard.

  • Big Data - Users on Learner Bites create a lot of data, as you can imagine. We are developing features within our platform to make this data smart and useful to schools, to help improve statistics, reporting, organisation, and learning.

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