We take security at Learner Bites seriously

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We're developing with security in mind...

Read below to see the steps we will take to keep users and data secure when Learner Bites has launched.


We encrypt the sensitive data we store about our users; such as name, gender, and date of birth. This means all data stored in our backend system cannot be read by humans, and only by our system.


Our platform will run off secure servers using secure sockets layer (SSL), a protocol ensuring secure communication over the Internet. All connections to Learner Bites will be via HTTPS, avoiding the vulnerable HTTP protocol.

The Bunker

We believe in both physical and digital security. The servers that power Learner Bites will be hosted in an ex-MoD bunker, which is built to withstand earthquakes, bombs, and even a 22 kilo tonne thermo nuclear blast. The bunker even lies 100ft underground.