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launching to schools and colleges september 2014

To get Learner Bites in your school or college, continue reading and fill out the form.

The Process: Below is the process that will be followed to get Learner Bites in your school from September 2014.

1) Payment

The fee for using Learner Bites is charged annually and the charge is based upon the level of service your school requires. We keep the service competetive and affordable - with constant budget cuts, we are aware of the importance of maintaining minimal costs but at the same time providing up to date computerised technology. Completing this form does not obligate your school to a contract or a charge at this stage.

2) Configure

At this stage, we will configure Learner Bites for your school. You'll be able to select which user groups can do what, how Learner Bites runs for your school, and more. We will also create staff, parent and student accounts. Furthermore, we will show you how to use every feature of the platform. Read more about security at Learner Bites.

3) Deploy

This is the point where Learner Bites will be ready for use in your school/college. We will send you your letter & email templates which can then be sent home with students and to staff alerting them that Learner Bites is now ready to use. Useful information, together with an introductory guide on how to use Learner Bites will be sent out to them together with their login details.

Note: If your school/college show an early interest in Learner Bites, we will offer you a discount of 20%.

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