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We're building a system that will transform the way your school operates.


Allow students, teachers and parents to connect, colloborate, share content, and more; from any where at any time.


Your staff will be able to monitor all activity for your school on the platform, and have complete control.


Save time by completing tasks with the click of a button. Save money by going paperless.

Note: We are still building Learner Bites. Sign your school up early to receive a discount.

Launching Soon

What Is Learner Bites?

Learner Bites is an upcoming system that will be released to schools & colleges. Students, teachers, and parents of each school will have accounts. Learner Bites will allow these users to communicate, share content, store private content, and more. For example, teachers will be able to set homework online, talk to students and offer them help/support, talk to other staff members, and add public school files which can be viewed by all users. Also, students will be able to store private files, share them with classmates, communicate, create notes, share updates, and much more. Not only that, but parent accounts allow parents to track the progress of their children, view reports, and much more - all without a single piece of paper been processed.

We're on TechFaster

Some Innovative Features

We've put together a list of some of our favourite features. Carry on scrolling to see more.

  • Filebox - Each user can store private files, or access public school files. Files can also be shared with others.

  • Homework - Teachers can set homework on Learner Bites, while students can also hand in homework via Learner Bites.

  • Reports - Parents can see their children's reports, feedback, comments, and more.

  • Messaging - Teachers and students can communicate internally. Teachers can also send messages and reminders to parents, as well as themselves.

More Features

We will be releasing more details about the services and features provided by the Learner Bites platform thoughout summer.

  • Notes - All users can create notes; which can then be kept private, shared, or even printed.

  • Mobile - Learner Bites is smartphone & tablet compatible, meaning you can access it from any where at any time.

  • Revision - Smart revision tools, services and revision timetables are built into the platform.

  • More - Learner Bites is capable of a whole lot more. Of which will be revealed soon.